The latest edition of the “Paths” magazine

21 June 2024

With pride, we announce a review of the activities and achievements we have accomplished in the last three months under the auspices of our publication “Paths” We are dedicated to working with migrants and refugees, providing support, raising awareness, and promoting solidarity among communities.

1. Reports and Travel Stories:
We regularly shared stories and reports about the lives of migrants and refugees that we encountered during their journeys. Through these stories, we aim to humanize their experiences, highlight the challenges they face, and foster understanding among our readers.

2. Integration Workshops:
We organized a series of workshops aimed at assisting migrants and refugees in the integration process. These workshops covered language improvement, employment counseling, and providing information about local communities. We believe that integration is crucial for building bridges between different cultures.

3. Advocacy for Rights:
We actively participated in advocating for the rights of migrants and refugees, collaborating with relevant organizations and institutions. We continue to work on raising awareness about the rights of these individuals, encouraging changes at the policy and societal levels.

4. Partnerships and Collaborations:
During the past period, we established significant partnerships with local organizations, government bodies, and the non-profit sector. This collaboration has enabled us to expand our activities and increase our impact on the community.

We continue to work with the same enthusiasm and dedication to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive society. Thank you for supporting our efforts on the path to a better future for all.

Paths 15