Journeying ‘Beyond Borders’

26 April 2024|Roberta Nikšić

After successful exhibitions in Bihać and Sarajevo, the “Beyond Borders” exhibition has now arrived in Tuzla, hosted at the Franciscan monastery. It continues its mission to promote understanding and empathy towards migrants.

Fra Franjo Ninić, a key figure in organizing the exhibition, reminded us of when many migrants sought refuge and support in the monastery in Tuzla.

These encounters with people in need inspired this exhibition, which tells stories of individuals, their past, present, and future.

This exhibition bears witness to the importance of dialogue and coexistence among different communities and the need to transcend borders, both physical and mental, to build a more inclusive society that respects and values all its members.

The Kristijan Kreković Gallery, where the exhibition is being held, is known for promoting nonviolence. Painter Kreković advocated for peace, love, social justice, and nonviolence, emphasizing the importance of respecting every person regardless of their characteristics.

Despite the visible and less visible borders that limit the freedom and dignity of people, the “Beyond Borders” exhibition aims to be a symbol of transcending those borders. Through photographs and stories, the exhibition testifies to the work of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the role of migrants as prophets of our time.

Ultimately, the “Beyond Borders” exhibition is not just a reminder of the challenges migrants face but also an opportunity for encounter, understanding, and love for our neighbors, regardless of their origins or circumstances.

Migrants are a blessing and a reminder of the face of God’s love in our world.