Building Bridges: The Daily Center’s Mission of Support and Solidarity

26 February 2024|Roberta Nikšić

Established in early February 2024 within the JRS Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Daily Center in Bihać stands as a vital initiative dedicated to extending support to migrants within the region. Serving those from the camps of Lipa and Borići, as well as individuals residing in outreach locations, this center endeavors to provide a secure haven and essential services to those in need.

The Daily Center offers a comprehensive array of services tailored to the specific requirements of its beneficiaries. Beyond the provision of basic amenities like humanitarian aid, clothing, and hygiene products, the center facilitates access to nourishment, including opportunities for the preparation of traditional meals. Additionally, beneficiaries can avail themselves of snack packs and charging facilities for power banks, fostering connectivity with loved ones.

Aligned with the core principles of JRS, the Daily Center’s program emphasizes companionship, service, and advocacy for migrants. Alongside fundamental provisions, the center hosts creative workshops, empowering beneficiaries to showcase their talents and engage in constructive pursuits. Furthermore, psychosocial support is extended through initiatives such as “Heart activities,” offering a platform for therapeutic expression and emotional healing.

A cornerstone of the Daily Center’s endeavors is the facilitation of education and integration initiatives. Through workshops spanning language acquisition and IT skills, beneficiaries are equipped with tools to enhance their employability and societal participation. Collaboration with Caritas of the Banja Luka Diocese further strengthens awareness through workshops addressing the scourge of human trafficking.

The Daily Center serves as a nexus for cultural exchange and communal interaction, fostering an environment conducive to social cohesion. Activities such as games and storytelling sessions facilitate the sharing of life experiences, while the JRS magazine “Paths” provides a platform for beneficiaries to share their narratives with a wider audience.

Looking ahead, the Daily Center aims to broaden its scope by engaging members of the local community and fostering mutual understanding and solidarity. By promoting social cohesion and empathy, the center endeavors to realize its mission of safeguarding the rights and dignity of migrants along the Balkan route.

The Daily Center in Bihać stands as a beacon of compassion and integration, extending crucial support to migrants in their journey toward stability and belonging. Through its commitment to advocacy and service, the center embodies the ethos of solidarity and human dignity, forging pathways to a brighter future for all.