Hope for a better future

28 February 2022

By telling my story, I want to tell you at least a small part of things that marked my life in the previous period. My name is Sani Afridi and I am 27 years old. I am coming from Pakistan, from city of Peshawar, where I have also graduated management in tourism. Furthermore, I left my country in 2015. Unfortunately, living conditions in Pakistan have forced me to embark on this long journey. My path is not much different from my friends. Through Turkey, where I spent more than three years, then through Greece, where I also lived almost three years, and through North Macedonia and Serbia, I arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The trauma I carry from Pakistan is hard to forget. The Taliban forced me to join them in their actions several times, but each time I refused. When they saw that I don’t want to be part of that regime, they started harassing me every day. The harassment lasted for many days, until I finally agreed to join the group. After I joined the group, they didn’t believe me that I am a true part of the team, and I had to find a way to get away from them very quickly. And I did it! Now, I am in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I also don’t want to stay because it is difficult for me to get asylum here, and it is especially difficult for me to get a job. My wish is to move to one of the European countries, where I will be able to get asylum and a good job. I’m young and I really want to work, to be successful, and finally forget what I went through in Pakistan, on the road, but also here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Furthermore, I currently live near the city of Bihać, in a tent settlement. Living conditions are not good at all, but I don’t want to go to the reception centers because every time when border police bring us back when we try to cross the border we have to go to quarantine. Then I lose the opportunity to try to cross the border every day. What makes me especially happy is that through this trip I have seen how many good people there are who take care of us, people on the move. I have met a goodness and kindness I didn’t believe existed. I thought the whole world was evil, but now I see that the people who work in the JRS in city of Bihać and other humanitarian organizations really have a good heart that will bring smiles to our faces even in the most difficult moments. I hope that my way for a better future starts here, with all this good people who were there for me when no one else was. And that is the only thing that keeps may hope alive.