30 May 2022

My name is Jaime and I come from Cuba. There I worked as a layer. I am married and I have 2 kids. The situation in Cuba was never easy because of the communist system that is present there. For like 59 years we have had the same president family who is in charge of the whole system. It is very hard to live in a place where the main human rights are taken from you, where you can say your own opinion, and you get punished for no reason. Cuba was presented to the world as the best tourist place with the most beautiful beaches but no one is even allowed to see the other story. Cuba is divided into 2 parts, tourists one where if you come as a tourist you have a special treatment, special hospital and you can’t go to the “poor” parts because you can’t see that. That is not the real picture and the main problem is that is forbidden for the world to know anything but that.

The real story is that people don’t have the necessary medicines in the hospital, don’t have stores to buy things for the house, don’t have food, people are dying on a daily basis because they don’t get the medical treatment, don’t have a good education they go the prison if they complain about something or even say their own opinion. Prisons are sometimes up to 15 years and the police have a right to take you and put you in custody for whatever and anytime. They are the law there. For me, it was very hard to live in a place like that especially knowing the law and the rights that were taken from me. In the end, I have 2 small kids for who I needed to provide a better life but staying in that country was impossible to do. So, I decided to leave the country and try to find a place that will provide me and my family with a safer environment and a better future. It was very hard to leave everything behind and go to the unknown. All the Cubans were taking the same road from Cuba, Russia to Serbia, then to Bosnia eventually hoping that they will go to any of the EU countries. I felt sad that I had to take this step, but I had no choice. The trip was long and I have been through a lot from the long walks, discrimination, and exploitation but also very nice people that helped me and I will never forget them. Long story short, all of us are going through something but was is important is that you should never give up, and doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, you always have a reason to move on. Right now, I am in Spain and this is the new chapter of my life, starting today and now. I am in a place that I always wanted to be, finally!