Above all for being more

23 June 2022

My name is Pedro Pablo, a Cuban 23-year-old boy. My life in Cuba was very sad due to the political system, a lot of poverty, hunger and no freedom of expression. You can easily call it a dictatorship. Like every place there are good things, especially the people and the culture, but the bad thing about Cuba is the government and its dictatorial policies has thrown the people to a miserable life. I had to leave Cuba because I participated in the demonstrations on July 11, 2021. and because of that I was being harassed by the police and the security of the Cuban state. I was receiving threats and I was even beaten and fined. My only option was to escape or else I would receive a sentence of more than 15 years in prison. From Cuba I came to Russia, then Serbia and at least Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I left Cuba and set foot on another land, I felt free although I was worried about my family. In the end, I am a migrant like many others trying to reach a country where I can use my rights. That is a difficult road, but for my life and for my family, I am capable of doing anything.

Hopefully, with God’s blessing I will achieve it. My wish is to reach Germany, a country of my dreams. When I arrive to Germany I want to study and be a professional, be respected as a human being, be free, give myself the opportunities that I didn’t have in Cuba, help my family, get ahead and find an NGO to help those in need, people like me now. Be recognized. I know it’s complicated but with effort and sacrifice I will win the battle.