Bridging Communities and Sharing Stories

27 May 2024|Roberta Nikšić

We are thrilled to present the latest edition of “Paths,” our magazine advocating for migrant rights, sharing their life stories, and shedding light on our approach to engagement and assistance. In this issue, we delve into diverse narratives, highlighting the Pope’s messages for Lent as a source of inspiration for our mission.
One of the highlights featured is our discussion on communal iftars as opportunities for interfaith bridge-building, bringing together Christians and Muslims at our Day Center in Bihać and our Reception Center in Sarajevo. This year, the meeting of Lent and Ramadan provided a unique chance for us to share messages of unity and deeper meanings of these sacred times with our beneficiaries.
In this issue, we also bring you a heartwarming love story, a testament to the transformative power of love even in the most challenging times. It reinforces our belief that nurturing values like social justice and environmentalism, integral to our Jesuit values, can indeed catalyze the transformation of our world.
Discover more about our initiatives aimed at promoting these values and facilitating the integration of our beneficiaries into Bosnian society. With the assistance of our volunteers, we collect and share the life stories of our beneficiaries, including Clarina’s journey from Congo, which transcends mere survival.
We also celebrated International Women’s Day, amplifying the values it represents and heartfelt poems from our staff dedicated to migrants.
Join us in our advocacy, solidarity, and empowerment journey as we continue to foster a more inclusive and compassionate society.