JRS team helped us a lot

17 April 2024

Our journey started when we left Afghanistan in 2013. Then we went to Iran to seek peace and protection but it was almost impossible to get any kind of status there because of the migration laws. We stayed in Iran and were living in the black market for almost 6 years. After that, we decided to seek a new home in Europe. And so began our adventure.

We went to Turkey. Me, my wife, and my 3 kids stayed in Turkey for about two weeks. After that, we went to Greece by boat and it was one of the scariest experiences ever in our lives. We were in Greece in Moira camp for a year and a half. There my kids went to school. All of us learned the Spanish language which was taught to us by some humanitarian organizations.

Then we went to Montenegro and later to Bosnia and there we got stuck for around a year. In Bosnia, we met the JRS team while staying inside the temporary reception center Sedra. In Bosnia, we did not have the opportunity to continue our journey since my wife suddenly fell ill. She suffered from rare lung disease. As she had to visit health institutions every day, the JRS team with its translators helped us a lot in these escorts. Great communication with doctors and medical staff was facilitated thanks to them. After a year spent in sickness, we moved on.

After that, we successfully came to Croatia, and from Croatia, through Slovenia, we reached our goal. We arrived in Germany.