I left my family

17 April 2024

„My name is Diyako Rustemi. I am 35 years old, and I am from Iran (Kurdistan). In Iran, we had a lot of problems with the government. I don’t want to live in that country. I worked as a painter for 9 years in one company. I wanted a better life for me and my family. Furthermore, I left my home 5 years ago. In Iran, I left my mother, father, four sisters, and one brother. They still live in Iran, and they go every day through a hard life. Nine months ago my father passed away, and I am so sad because of that. I didn’t even see him for all these years. From Iran, I went to Turkey. In Turkey, I stayed for 3 years and I started to work as a painter. Everything was good until my boss got the issues with inspections. At that time, a left Turkey and I went to Greece.

In Greece, I spent 3 months in the camp. In Greece, people didn’t like us and because of that a left Greece and went to Macedonia and then to Serbia, and there I stayed for 6 months and tried to find a job. I couldn’t find a job, and then I went to Bosnia. I am in Bosnia for almost 2 years. Furthermore, I was in Sedra camp for about one year. After the camp was closed, I moved to Velika Kladuša (Hadžin potok), and I tried to pass the Croatian border 51 times. I didn’t give up, and every day I am thinking about Italy.

My wish is to come to Italy and InshAllah I will reach my goal. I live in an abandoned house with 3 families from Iran. We are a big family, and we support each other. 8 months ago I met the JSR team, and I am so happy because of that. They are helping us a lot with food, with clothes and other stuff that we need. The last time when I tried to cross the border, I walked 7 days. I reached Slovenia, but the police caught me and deported me back to the Bosnian border. In Italy, I hope that I will find a painter job. I’m perfect at that job and I wish to open my small firm. I want to say to every person that they can do anything if they have a strong will.”